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Obtaining I-Club Membership

5% Discount with I-Club Membership

By obtaining I-Club membership for 20 €, during one year since you by the memebership, a discount of 5% will be applied on each of your orders, even on special offers.

You can buy it only when you make an order then it will be automatically applied for one year if you log on before making your order.

Discount made when you buy the membership is not applied on the price of membership.

When obtaining membership, you have to save your personnal informations. See below "Creating an account on the site".

If you ask that we delete your account, your membership billing will not be retribued.

With your membership, like with a simple account, you will be able to place ads that concern comics on the site.

Creating an account on the site

If you save your personnal informations on the site, you will have the possibility of:

  • retriving automatically your personnal informations during your orders;
  • placing ads concerning toons and comics;
  • listing the orders you made on the site.

Your personnal informations are never transmitted or sold and you can at any time ask us for deleting them by writing us on contact@i-magier.com.

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